Core B: Protein and Vector Production

Core Leader

David C. Schultz, Ph. D.
Wistar Institute
Email: dschultz at


The goals of the Protein and Vector Production core are to provide state-of-the-art services including 1) Large-volume growth of microorganisms, insect- and mammalian cells; 2) technologies for recombinant protein expression and reconstitution of multi-subunit complexes; 3) purification of recombinant proteins from bacteria, yeast, and/or baculovirus infected insect cells; 4) production of non-replicating retroviruses (e.g. lentiviruses) to express RNA (i.e. cDNAs or shRNAs) for manipulation of protein expression in human and mouse cells.

The Core personnel are highly trained technical experts in all areas of the proposed support services to be provided to the individual projects. The centralization and standardization of these practices under the direction of very experienced laboratory staff allows for high-throughput, large-volume, protein expression services, including quality assurance and control procedures to ensure efficient, consistent production of viral vectors and purification of high quality recombinant proteins.

Key Personnel

  • Henry Hoff
  • Aastha Puri
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