Member List

Member lists are by project.  If you are a member of this project and would like your email address or personal webpage listed, or are missing from this list, please contact Rocco Perry below.

Project Director:  Shelley Berger, PhD

Co-Director:  Ronen Marmorstein, PhD

Project 1 Personnel (Ronen Marmorstein, PhD)

Jasna Maksimoska
Cheryl Mccullough
Dan Ricketts
Hua Yuan

Project 2 Personnel (Shelley Berger, PhD)

Kajia Cao
Vanessa Dang
Greg Donahue
Philip Mews
Rocco Perry

Project 3 Personnel (Brad Johnson, PhD)

Coming soon

Project 4 Personnel (Peter Adams, PhD)

Claire Brock
Andre Ivanov
Tony McBryan

Program Core Facilities

Core A Administrative (Shelley L Berger, PhD)

Jen Vicario

Core B Protein and Vector Production (David C Schultz, PhD)

Henry Hoff
Aastha Puri

Core C Microscopy for Cell Imaging and Micromanipulation
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